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Tallapoosa Wellness Collective of Carrollton

The Tallapoosa Wellness Collective of Carrollton partners with educators and guides who are dedicated to the well being and health of both mind and body through the practice of yoga, tai chi, meditation, kids yoga, senior classes, and other inclusive activities. As a Collective, we also provide meeting space to our community partners and space for practitioners who optimize wellness.

A Fall Celebration with Guests Lindsey DePeri and Rick Franz!

November 21st - November 24th

The Tallapoosa Wellness Collective, located in the old Tallapoosa schoolhouse, will be presenting the fundraising event to support the addition of a handicap accessible entrance to the building!

An Introduction to Astrology

Thursday, November 21st
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

In this 2-hour workshop, gain an understanding of the basic concepts as a foundation for further exploration. We will cover:
-A brief overview of the history of astrology and its connections to science and psychology
- An introduction to the Natal Chart, Key Life Transits and the practice of Evolutionary Astrology
- The general influences of the Moon's its life cycles
- An introduction to the various types of 'astrological seasons' and how they influence us on both a personal and societal level
- Insights on some of the major upcoming astrological influences over the next 6 months
- The 4 astrological elements and their energetic influences

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Astrology is both an ancient practice and an evolving modern science. Learn some of the ways you can apply even a basic awareness of cosmic influences into your daily life, from short-term planning and decision-making to your lifelong evolutionary journey. As we shift into the Age of Aquarius, interest in this fascinating ancient practice has made a resurgence, incorporating new discoveries, theories and interpretations.

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Join our regularly scheduled Gentle Yoga class with Karen Sifton and music and mantra performed by Lindsey DePeri and Rick Franz

Gentle Yoga with Karen Sifton and Music by Graced!

Friday, November 22nd
9 am - 10:15 am

$14 at the door

We will integrate breath with movement and bring connection between the mind and body. By bringing awareness into the body, you can notice areas where tension is held and begin to relax them, helping to reduce pain in the body, improve flexibility, and decrease general stress throughout. This class is accessible to all levels and can be modified for different bodies. We use poses to learn about ourselves and to help our bodies as well as help us learn ways to improve our lives. Our hope is that you leave lighter, calmer, and feeling a connection to your own self, the group, and the source of your inner light.

Sonic Nirvana Soundbath

Friday, November 22nd, 7 - 8:30pm

When we intentionally bring our awareness to the present moment, creativity, vitality and joy flow through us naturally.
Re-awaken to cosmic consciousness and the heart’s true nature as you listen to a musical performance with mythical storytelling, healing mantras and guided meditation. You’ll leave feeling a boost of bliss, compassion, love, gratitude and peace throughout your whole being.
Musical duo ‘Graced’ brings the sounds of gentle guitar and other stringed instruments, Native American drums, harmonium, bells and other ethereal sounds culminating in a bliss-filled bhakti gong bath. Their offerings center on the practice of gratitude, a celebration of the mysteries of life, and the essential connection between all living things.

$25 Suggested Donation

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*Dress in comfortable clothing and feel free to bring any personal items from home for extra comfort, e.g. pad or blanket, pillow and eye covering.

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This workshop will include:
- An overview of evolutionary astrology
- A guided beginner's reading of your personal natal chart + copy to keep
- A review of the essential energies of the 12 zodiac signs + handout to keep
- An introduction to the natal chart including an overview of the 12 houses and other key elements
- Introspective guided meditation

Exploring your Astrological Birth Chart and the 12 Signs of the Zodiac

Saturday, November 23rd 1 - 4 pm

Gain an introductory understanding of your own natal chart as we explore the essence of the 12 zodiac signs in an interactive group setting. You'll receive a framework for creating a beginners reading of your own personal natal chart by evolutionary astrologer Lindsey DePeri, while discovering the dominant zodiac sign energies that influence your personal experience, motivations, values, desires and natural gifts. Experience how an astrology reading can help you to achieve a greater sense of self-awareness, acceptance, compassion, direction and empowerment as you tune into your total uniqueness. Following this workshop, you'll be able to use the tools you receive to give beginners readings to your own friends and family.

Cosmic Dance

November 23rd 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

All are invited to be a part of a dance experience for inner and collective healing. Dance and movement are powerful ways of feeling and releasing deeply held energy, invigorating the mindbody, finding freedom from others perceptions, and moving through the layers of ourselves.

The intention is to offer our community a safe space of belonging and radical acceptance... no judgement, routine, or expectations. After, we feel a renewed and empowered relationship with ourselves and life.

5:30-:5:45- Setting the space and short meditation to sync in
5:45-7:20 - Free stretch and movement
7:20-7:30 - Closing connection

$25 Suggested Donation

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Rick & Lindsey tour the USA and around the world offering kirtan, gratitude rituals, workshops and retreats. Their goal is to empower others through a greater sense of self-awareness and bring communities together in a joyful celebration of life.

Graced: Kirtan & Cacao Ceremony

November 24th 1 pm - 2:30 pm

Experience uplifting, funk & jazz-inspired mantra music featuring the original compositions of Rick Franz! Graced brings the ancient practice of kirtan to life in a way that is fun, meaningful and enlivening. The mantras evoke powerful archetypes that heal and nurture us from within.

This community gathering begins by sharing a warmed cacao (raw chocolate) drink that will ground us, open the heart and facilitate a conscious experience of gratitude. We use fair-traded, organic ceremonial cacao from South America.

Rick Franz has 2 kirtan albums (currently available on Spotify, iTunes & Amazon music) and has played and toured with Kirtan performers for over 18 years. He has also been a featured artist at the annual Bhakti, Shakti and Hanuman Yoga Festivals.

$25 Suggested Donation

Karma Yoga and Volunteer Celebration

November 24th 3 pm - 7 pm

Our Fall Celebration will culminate with an afternoon of karma yoga. With the funds generated through these events the old Tallapoosa schoolhouse gain the addition of a handicap accessible entrance to the building. This ramp will be built by volunteers in the tradition of karma yoga.

A soup dinner for all our amazing volunteers will cap off the evening!



rentals + events

The Tallapoosa Wellness Collective of Carrollton believes sharing our space is a gift we can offer to the community. This may come in the form of future opportunities to host events and performances or to welcome additional members to our collective.

This is part of our mission as a collective.

Carrollton Georgia Yoga Studio Rental Space

The Studio Space

The Tallapoosa Wellness Collective of Carrollton is home to what we think is one of the most beautiful spaces in the community. The studio can be used for classes, performances, demonstrations, meetings, conferences, trainings, and other types of events. We love the space and want it to be used and enjoyed by all!

Spend the night in our one-room schoolhouse!

The Tallapoosa School was built in 1880 on over three acres of serene, wooded property within one miles of the University of West Georgia campus and the town of Carrollton. Completely renovated in 2000, it now houses a yoga studio along with a bedroom with lots of light from three windows that overlook a dense forest. The room is completely furnished with a microwave and a small refrigerator and access to a private bathroom. Lit from three windows, the bedroom overlooks a dense forest and our hammock garden. Call or email Pat at 319.249.2941,, to make your reservation at this peaceful retreat for $49 per evening.


Outdoor Events

Our beautiful 3.5 acre property is available for rent for gatherings such as family reunions.