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Tallapoosa Wellness Collective of Carrollton

The Tallapoosa Wellness Collective of Carrollton partners with educators and guides who are dedicated to the well being and health of both mind and body through the practice of yoga, tai chi, meditation, kids yoga, senior classes, and other inclusive activities. As a Collective, we also provide meeting space to our community partners and space for practitioners who optimize wellness.

Graced! with Rick Franz and Lindsey Deperi

The Tallapoosa Wellness Collective of Carrollton is excited to announce a unique opportunity to host "Graced!" in Carrollton! Graced! features the performance of kirtans by Rick Franz and Lindsey Deperi. The kirtan experience celebrates call and response group singing, mostly in Sanskrit, some in Gurmukhi, in a slightly less traditional, very dynamic, fun manner featuring Rick's original jazz-flavored music. Everyone is encouraged to sing loudly, and dance with abandon! 

The event is donation only, with a recommended donation of $15

We look forward to seeing you all there! For more information about Franz and Deperi, or the practice of kirtan, visit: 

Thank you to Susan Miller McGowan for coordinating this exciting night of sharing and celebration.