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Tallapoosa Wellness Collective of Carrollton

The Tallapoosa Wellness Collective of Carrollton partners with educators and guides who are dedicated to the well being and health of both mind and body through the practice of yoga, tai chi, meditation, kids yoga, senior classes, and other inclusive activities. As a Collective, we also provide meeting space to our community partners and space for practitioners who optimize wellness.

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Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Kids Yoga Teacher Training retreat

July 23-31, 2019

Join Andrea Laubstein for an eight day immersive instructor course

This unique Kids Yoga Teacher Training Course was developed by Andrea at Yoga Vidya Gurukul, a traditional yoga ashram located in Maharashtra, India. Andrea has since trained and inspired teachers from around the world to bring yoga to children. For the first time, Andrea will be bringing this course to the United States. This training will prepare teachers by bridging the depth of this ancient tradition with age-appropriate asanas, breathing practices, meditation, stories and songs. As an intensive residential course, the program is designed to provide teachers with techniques and a lived understanding of the potential for yoga in the lives of children.


Over the course of the Kids Yoga Teacher Training, registrants will earn 30 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits, 10 contact hours and 20 non-contact hours.


Teaching yoga to children and youth is a truly special experience and this course gives teachers the tools they need to accompany children on their yoga journeys. Yoga gives children the opportunity to express their potential and talents for a positive future in line with their natural inclinations. Yoga supports children’s whole being including their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.

This course is best suited for current yoga teachers who are looking to expand their knowledge and develop the skills needed to teach children. School teachers, parents, and others interested in teaching yoga to children are also welcome but should have a minimum of one year of practical yoga experience. Throughout the duration of the course, each day is divided between theoretical and practical lessons. Our aim is to give future teachers a global vision of how to approach yoga with children from infancy through adolescence.

The course teaches fundamental techniques of traditional yoga, including asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), mantra, omkar chanting, yoga nidra, and relaxation specifically adapted to the various stages of child development. Games, visualizations, storytelling, partner yoga and other mindfulness activities for children are also covered. In line with traditional yoga, the course works at the level of the body and its movement but is also infused with yoga philosophy. Indeed, children and youth are whole persons – including body, mind, emotions, spirit – so we consider healthy and balanced development of all these aspects. 

Throughout the course we encourage you to take an active role in your learning experience by exploring your personal interests relating to yoga and children. There are opportunities to explore your creativity and experiment with the techniques and theories presented. Micro-lessons allow you to practice teaching portions of a children’s yoga class to help you gain confidence in teaching and learn from other students. As you embrace your inner child and express yourself, you will find that this course is more than acquiring skills and techniques, but also an exploration of yourself as a teacher. As an intensive course, the days are quite full and participants should be prepared to fully immerse themselves for the whole duration. Students will be required to complete additional written assignments (a lesson plan and essay) to earn their certification.

Upon completion of the course, teachers will have the ability to conduct yoga lessons aimed at specific age groups and implement yoga for children in a variety of contexts. The course includes a practical manual specifically designed to complement the course. Individual feedback will be given to each student along with numerous other resources for teaching.

**It is strongly recommended that teachers already have experience as yoga teachers or have completed a yoga teacher training course, but it is not required.**

Course Contents

  • Benefits, contraindications, and guidelines for teaching yoga to children and youth.

  • Practical information for teaching to children including asanas, pranayama, games, songs, partner poses, guided visualizations, stories, relaxation, and more. The course book contains detailed descriptions of all these components, their benefits, and how to use them in the classroom.

  • How to teach yoga and create age-appropriate classes for children ranging from birth to age 16.

  • How to make yoga fun and engaging for children of all ages.

  • Yoga Nidra and meditation techniques for children

  • Mantras, songs, and Omkar for children

  • Lifestyle, diet, and parenting from the yogic perspective

  • Karma Bhakti yoga for children

  • Physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and moral development in children

  • Yoga for education and lesson organization

  • An introduction to yoga therapy for children with special needs including ADHD, autism, asthma, depression, and anxiety.

  • Teaching family yoga or mixed aged classes

  • Teaching methodology (how to structure and create your own lesson plan so that it is always varied and motivating)

  • Pantanjali’s eight limbs of yoga and how they apply to children

  • How to bring yoga for children back to your home country or community and communicate with parents, schools, and administrators about the benefits of yoga for children.


As a course participant, you will receive Yogapoint certification that gives you the possibility to spread your new knowledge in other countries around the world.

Kids Yoga Teacher Training


8:00- 8:15 Mantra chanting
8:15-9:30 Asana class (yoga practice for adults)
9:30-10:30 Karma yoga

10:40-11:30 Lecture I
11:40-12:30 Lecture II
12:30-1:30 Lunch
1:30- 2:30 Study, rest, karma yoga, yoga nidra
2:30- 3:20 Lecture III
3:30- 4:30 Micro Lesson
4:45- 6:30 Yoga for Children Practical Session
6:30 End of Day
8:30 Optional sessions or films on some evenings

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Lead Instructor: Andrea Laubstein

Andrea, originally from Connecticut, now travels internationally leading Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTCs). She has a master’s degree in psychology from the University of West Georgia where her research interests included spirituality in children, yoga for educational settings, child development, and approaches to holistic teaching and learning. Andrea has been teaching yoga for the past eight years and received her training in the US and India. She has studied with Yogafit in the US, Yoga Vidya Eco Ashram in Kerala, India, Rishikesh Yog Peeth in Rishikesh, India and Yoga Vidya Gurukul in Nasik, India. While in India, Andrea travels to various ashrams and yoga schools studying Hatha and Iyengar yoga. As a volunteer at Yoga Vidya Gurukul, she often assists with their residential yoga teacher training courses and regularly leads the Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Course. While in the US, Andrea teaches yoga to all ages in various settings from yoga studios to pre-schools, including with the Tallapoosa Wellness Collective of Carrollton. At the University of West Georgia, Andrea founded and runs SOYA (Students of Yoga at West Georgia), an organization dedicated to bringing the spiritual, philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga to students at the University and in the surrounding community.

Retreat highlights

Daily Practices

• 8 nights' accommodation available for residential registrants

• Vegetarian meals

• Kids Yoga Teacher Training Course Manual

• Certification upon completion

• Practical teaching experience

• Hatha Yoga Style

• First time taught the United States

The Studio Space

The Tallapoosa Wellness Collective of Carrollton is located on the edge of town in a peaceful and serene setting. The building, built in 1880 as a one room school house for the Tallapoosa Community in Carroll County, Georgia, has been lovingly restored as a wellness collective and provides a beautiful sunlit studio space for the practice of holistic wellness arts. The building sits away from the road on a large 3.25 acre wooded property that has been designed for community enjoyment. The property hosts a hammock garden, Garden for all Ages and Abilities, fire pit, and restful seating for contemplative thought.


As a residential registrant, you will spend eight nights at the Lodge at John Tanner Park, Carrollton, Georgia. This beautiful lodge nestled in the corner of the smaller of the two lakes in John Tanner Park is the ideal place to regenerate yourself, rediscover the power of nature, study, and share your experience during the course. For morning yoga practice, the structure has one large room with wooden floors and a large deck for outdoor sessions. Two porches, one enclosed and one open, complete with rocking chairs, overlook the private lake and dock.

Included at the lodge is a dining room, a living room, industrial kitchen, and five bedrooms with two to four beds, some of which are bunk beds. There are two large bathrooms with showers. And of course, the lodge cat Smokey, who stays outdoors.

The walking and nature trails allow the student to enter into communion with nature and find deep connections. It is a simple structure but is well organized and comfortable, providing excellent possibilities to experience a natural lifestyle and find wellbeing without the distractions of everyday life and thoughts that drain your energy.

Kids Yoga Teacher Training Retreat


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$1500 for 9 days and 8 night’s accommodations, meals, transportation, and all course content listed above.

$850 for 9 days for all course content listed above and lunches.

A non-refundable deposit of 20% due at time of registration, payable by check or Paypal

Full payment due July 1, 2019 $100 late registration fee after July 1, 2019. Full payment due at that time.

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