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Tallapoosa Wellness Collective of Carrollton

The Tallapoosa Wellness Collective of Carrollton partners with educators and guides who are dedicated to the well being and health of both mind and body through the practice of yoga, tai chi, meditation, kids yoga, senior classes, and other inclusive activities. As a Collective, we also provide meeting space to our community partners and space for practitioners who optimize wellness.



Collective Membership Information

         The Tallapoosa Wellness Collective is a group of like-minded individuals who see the need for community awareness and information on wellness and support this commitment through membership in the collective.

         The collective provides a space for instruction and education through classes (yoga, t’ai chi, meditation) as well as stress-reducing areas for relaxation and contemplation such as the hammock garden and the reading/quiet bay. We also provide special events and day activities/trips to broaden perspectives and enhance a sense of community.

         Besides the communal benefits of a collective, membership also provides discounts on special events and workshops. Members also have unlimited use of the hammock garden and quiet bay (unless being used for classes or events), and also have the opportunity of utilizing the building for one free hour per membership year for meetings and groups that fit within the collective’s mission statement (book clubs, community based organizations, civic groups, etc.). Because there is such a deep discount on instructor packages, there are no discounts on fees for regularly scheduled classes).

         Membership in the Tallapoosa Wellness Collective is based on a monthly/annual support system, either as a monetary donation (suggested $25 per month/$250 per year) or in-kind service to the collective (help with tech support, office assistance, property maintenance, etc.). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

         Membership in the collective is encouraged, but you do not need to be a member to attend classes or become an instructor.


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