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Tallapoosa Wellness Collective of Carrollton

The Tallapoosa Wellness Collective of Carrollton partners with educators and guides who are dedicated to the well being and health of both mind and body through the practice of yoga, tai chi, meditation, kids yoga, senior classes, and other inclusive activities. As a Collective, we also provide meeting space to our community partners and space for practitioners who optimize wellness.


Family Programing

The Tallapoosa Wellness Collective is happy to share its mission of wellness with all ages of our community.

Kids and family Yoga

Kids Yoga

The benefits of yoga for children are infinite. Any child's physical or mental condition, regardless of age, can benefit from yoga. In a typical class, the children will practice physical poses (asanas) to improve their balance, strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Asanas can even help with other aspects of being such as learning to release tension, stress or anger. In the spirit of childhood, imagination and play, we also play yoga games, sing, chant, or tell stories to engage the children’s creative and joyful way of being. The children leave feeling lighter, more relaxed and confident.

Baby and Me Yoga

Baby and Me

Fun and stress free yoga time with baby! Restorative, breath centered and meditative through each pose allowing the breath to open up the body through while maintaining a calm and playful energy in the space with you and baby. The drop in fee or package prices include baby and parents, grandparents, or extended family.

Family and kids yoga

Family Yoga

This workshop is especially designed for your whole family and will include traditional yogic practices, hoop yoga, mindfulness meditations, partner yoga, nature activities, songs, games, and crafts.  Parents, grandparents, and kids will all be able to participate and spend meaningful time together. Feel free to bring as many family members as are available as the cost of $100 for the six-week session is per family.